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~ Quentin Regestein

“ The patient should be made to understand that he or she must
take charge of his own life. Don’t take your body to the doctor as if he were a repair shop. ”


It is my mission to provide you with excellent service.

I sought help from Trina for a longstanding low back condition which has proven particularly difficult to treat
and stabilize. In particular, I appreciate Trina’s carefully measured and integrative approach to her physical therapy model.
She takes the time to diligently assess and evaluate the presenting symptoms. The process then focuses on the underlying
contributing physical factors with the result being that she ends up treating the causes, not just solely the symptoms.

I have personally experienced the benefits of this strategy which has assisted in providing a foundation for healing my back issues.
Trina is able to adjust her physical therapy approach to the stages of healing in a person’s body throughout the process of care.
Trina’s continual assessment and treatment techniques enable her to provide extremely effective wholistic care with outstanding results.

In short, Trina provides dynamic physiotherapy care by her ability to assess, her compassion to understand, and her talent to treat.


Trina is a gifted practitioner with a holistic approach to health and well-being. I came to Trina with inexplicable foot pain that made walking painful. I was under the care of a podiatrist at the time and had sought relief through other means including reflexology, message therapy, acupuncture and weekly foot treatments with a chiropractor. Nothing seemed to help and I was getting depressed at the prospect of life with little movement.

Trina focused on my body’s alignment, rather than my foot. I started her treatments with skepticism but came to trust her instinctive sense for movement and balance. Trina methodically discovered and treated the underlying problem and taught me to walk in proper alignment. I no longer limp in pain — and I’m enjoying the simple pleasure of walking again. Life is good!

Heartfelt thanks Trina!


Before finding Trina, I’d only ever experienced immediate relief and an improved range of motion through working with a Chiropractor and working with a Naturopath going through both prolotherapy and neural therapy. The issue, however, was inevitably having to go back on a weekly basis as the relief and improvements I’d experienced were always short-lived. In turn, I gave in to the fact that this was going to be my reality and would ultimately have to work within my physical limitations.

After spending 45-minutes with Trina, I left Oceanside Wellness Centre with an awareness and understanding of not only what my new reality could become living without physical limitation, but at the potential that I’d yet to realize. Simply put, she accomplished in one session what no other specialist had accomplished in over 8 years; in 5 sessions she’s accomplished what I never thought would be possible again.

I look forward to continuing to work with Trina, and being given the tools and knowledge to help realize my full potential. If you’re looking for a Registered Physiotherapist, there’s simply no better choice available than Trina Lee at Oceanside Wellness Centre.

Matt Stansfield

As a new client of Trina, she treated me with respect and professionalism. She took time to understand my concerns, and applied effective therapy techniques that greatly relieved my discomfort. Trina also provided helpful exercise techniques I could do myself which further aided in my timely recovery. Finally, Trina made herself available via e-mail if I had additional questions or requests. I would like to thank Trina for the care and attention she applies to her physiotherapy practice.” Tom

I wanted to see a physiotherapist for a pinched nerve in my left hip, from a run-in with a dog. She provided good suggestions to combat the tingles and scar tissue which was holding back some of my flexibility. Trina also noticed that I had less space between my shoulder blades which was just one of the reasons for my chronic back pain. After suffering with a bad back for years, it was thrilling to hear that I could get rid of my back pain with some simple conditioning and exercises. I would gladly recommend Trina to someone looking for answers with mobility, nerve tingling and discomfort.” Lori

Trina has helped me deal with a knee injury from a motorcycle accident and provided good exercises and tips to help me strengthen it. She’s also helped me with my re-occurring headaches which I’ve had periodically all my life. One of her suggestions to help alleviate the discomfort was to lift my shoulders, which has really helped support my neck and lessen my neck ache. I would recommend Trina to those that are suffering that want to pro-actively regain their mobility.” Lanny

I am an active mother of two and recently injured myself by tearing my MCL on the left knee. After treatment at St. Paul’s Hospital and having to be on crutches for 4 weeks, my doctor advised me to have a physiotherapist treat the knee to heal it. I met with Trina who started me off with a consultation to assess the problem. She is very professional and thorough and does not hurry me through the process. In addition to treating the pain with massage therapy and manipulating the muscles, she spent time to research and pinpoint the cause of the injury. What we discovered was that my hip was twisting in an abnormal manner every time that I walked, so she taught me to re-learn to walk properly and re-train the muscle to be stable as I walked.I felt much better after having a series of pain relief treatments.

I am very grateful to Trina for her professional manner and insight into my treatment, and I highly recommend her practice to those who are seeking an answer to pain or injury.” Emerauld Lau

As an avid sportsman, I have suffered from sports injuries from time to time over the years. To this day, these injuries include back, knee and leg pain.

I have consulted both medical and healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports doctors and even orthopaedic surgeons for my injuries, pain and shoulder fracture. Invariably, the various modes of treatment have had the desired effect of reducing or eliminating the pain at the affected parts of my body. Over the past fifteen years, Trina has been treating me for my chronic back pain. Recently, I have experienced a fairly severe back, knee, leg and foot pain, resulting from a collapsed and weak foot

Trina introduced a new technique of physiotherapy treatment whereby she has manipulated and mobilized my foot structure, resulting in strengthening of my knee and leg. I became more conscious of walking with an arch on my left foot, thus eliminating the overall pain.” Brian Lee

I am an active person in my late sixties who plays golf and does belly dancing and Zumba. I had been suffering from sudden, unexpected leg collapsing when I got up and walked usually after a period of sitting or inactivity.

It was found that I had hip femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) due to being born with small bony protuberances in my hip that were being pinched. When my muscles are tight and I walk a certain way, the bone hits sensitive tissues and my leg collapses. Trina showed me the usual stretching exercises but most importantly, she showed me how to properly align my hip while moving and walking to avoid the impingement. Now I can say that I am free of pain and have returned to all my activities.” Lynette

I just had a great first visit with Trina Lee, RPT at Oceanside Wellness Centre. She seemed very knowledgeable and competent both in her assessment skills and treatment techniques. As someone who has logged literally hundreds of hours on treatment tables, I can definitely recognize a quality practitioner. I also would recommend her for patients who require a more sensitive approach in the hands on treatment. She is a caring, skilled and respectful professional that could give seminars to others. I highly recommend her and plan on going back for more in the future.” Jim