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The Integrated Approach to Injury Management

Traditionally, physiotherapists have treated patients by localizing a joint or body part and focusing their attention on that isolated part. Though, this method has its merits and place, a global approach, taking into account the entire body and person with their individual expectations, thoughts and feelings will yield better long-term outcomes.

Through the intricate and interconnected web of connective tissue and nerves, we have found the body to work as an integrated unit. What happens in one part will undoubtedly affect the rest of the body through a series of chain reactions or compensations. We all know of instances where we have favoured an injured part only to cause pain in another area.

An integrated approach will help get to the root of the problem to find the weakest link in the chain which could be distant from the symptomatic area. Once corrected, the load distribution in the body is balanced, pain is eased and the other weak links correct themselves as the compensations are no longer necessary.

Credit: Image taken from Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers

Trina Lee
Registered Physiotherapist
West End, Vancouver